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December 04, 2006

Not Lost

I really need to figure out how to use blogger better. I have all these thoughts and ideas and pictures, but no clue how to make it all work. It looks like Greek to me.......Does that mean I am getting old? Anybody know of a workshop or class to learn how to use all this stuff?

So my blogging self disappeared for a while. I am still working on figuring out what I want my blogging voice to be? Do I want it to be a Mom Blog or a Family Blog? Do I want it to be about thoughts and feelings, or do I want it to be just about me? I am I blogging for myself or for an audience? I will continue to explore and figure this all out.

Well, I turn forty in 23 days and I am not freaked one bit. I am totally boring, as I have no "wants" or "wishes" for my fortieth year. Well that is not true, I have wishes and wants, just not things the hubby or boys can purchase or provide me to celebrate the big day. I want to go to Australia and attend the annual tai chi workshop in January. I wish to start the 40's with a body and soul make-over and the will power to eat less and exercise more. Not exactly things you can wrap up in a bow. So the pressure is on now to come up with things that can be given or things to do on my birthday. Just what I wanted, more pressure to think of ideas.