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October 26, 2006

Why I Teach

I love teaching! I love the trill of watching a student get "it". I love when ideas of how to convey a movement come to me as if by magic. I love the energy from the group. I love to figure out a new way to get my message across if someone still doesn't get it.

But let me back up. I teach tai chi through North Idaho College's Adult Education, for the last 7 years. Teaching first started out as a way get out of the house and not be "Mom" for a while. But it has become a way for me to connect with other people, an excuse to study more tai chi, and an opportunity to grow, emotionally and spiritually.

My students have shared with me their personal stories of how tai chi has helped them, and well, it just makes me feel good.

It's why I teach


  • At 10/28/2006 07:12:00 PM, Blogger Hannelie said…

    So the same with me when I taught swimming. Once they 'get it' and y see them swim a full lap after struggling to before is such a compliment. And the little ones who were to scared to float on their backs at first and after heaps of encouragement and praise you see them let go with you near them and Oh my goodness, what a proud feeling I had. I miss them, but not the cold, wet chlorine water.


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