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October 18, 2006

Overheard at the bus stop

I am a mom of boys, so I value anytime I can be a confidant or adult friend to a young girl. This morning at the bus stop, I was visiting with two sisters. They are new to the neighborhood and I don't know much about their family. It seems as if their home is filled with various relatives, from grandparents, to uncle's that are in middle school, to parents, to a younger sister. They are spunky outgoing girls and are happy to have an adult's attention for a few minutes every morning. Today, we talking about this and that when the older of the sisters brought up the subject of why girls don't play football. My son popped in quickly "girls do play football, mom played when she was a girl" The older sister went on to say that girls don't play tackle football because if she get hit in the chest with the pads on it will cause her to get breast cancer. WHAT???? I asked her where she heard that, after I picked my jaw up off the ground. She said the high school girls next door told her that. We spent the remaining time at the bus stop explaining and discussing why you couldn't get breast cancer from a blow to the chest, no matter how hard you are hit. I hope that high schoolers were teasing the young girls and that they themselves don't think that. It felt scary to me to think how uneducated these young girls may be about a womans health.


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