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October 02, 2006


I am thinking about loss today. A fellow soccer mom succumb to her illness this past Friday, on a day that should have been celebrating a birthday.
I ache for her children.
I am thankful that they had a chance to say goodbye.
I feel sorrow at the times to come for them.
I rejoice that they have a strong spiritual base.
I think about my own boys, and my own health. I mourn the loss of my health. It has deterioated as the pounds keep gaining. I feel the difference, but feel powerless to stop the weight gain. The mind knows what it needs to do to correct this trend, but the soul, self, id, is weak and unable to follow through with the plan. It may be the time to change, to take that step and fix this road that has led to poor health.

So it is time for me to start thinking about loss. The loss of pounds, which will lead to the loss of pain, which will lead to the loss of poor self esteem, which shall lead to the loss of poor health.


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