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October 26, 2006

Why I Teach

I love teaching! I love the trill of watching a student get "it". I love when ideas of how to convey a movement come to me as if by magic. I love the energy from the group. I love to figure out a new way to get my message across if someone still doesn't get it.

But let me back up. I teach tai chi through North Idaho College's Adult Education, for the last 7 years. Teaching first started out as a way get out of the house and not be "Mom" for a while. But it has become a way for me to connect with other people, an excuse to study more tai chi, and an opportunity to grow, emotionally and spiritually.

My students have shared with me their personal stories of how tai chi has helped them, and well, it just makes me feel good.

It's why I teach

October 19, 2006

I don't get it moments

Ok, I admit it......I am naive. There are times when things seem so complicated and I just think things are so simple. I call these "I don't get it" moments. For example since I was a teen, I have always wondered what would happen if we were to solve international conflicts (wars) with a game of chess instead of killing and fighting. (Yes, I am a pacifist too.) It's an "I don't get moment". I don't get why we have war. I don't get why we don't pay our teachers more to educate our children. I don't get why we can't use the wealth of our nation to cure illness and starvation in our country and the world. I don't get why we continue as a world to destroy our natural resources and burn up our environment.

So with all the ick with Congressman Foley, and parts the media trying to divert our attention elsewhere, I don't get what difference it makes if Foley was abused in the past. He abused is position and did things illegal, period. Gee if I stole a gallon of milk from the store, would I get out of trouble if I told them I was traumatized at a dairy as a child? I just am feeling really mad about this whole thing. He did a bad thing, he should be punished, end of story.

I just don't get it..........................................

October 18, 2006

Overheard at the bus stop

I am a mom of boys, so I value anytime I can be a confidant or adult friend to a young girl. This morning at the bus stop, I was visiting with two sisters. They are new to the neighborhood and I don't know much about their family. It seems as if their home is filled with various relatives, from grandparents, to uncle's that are in middle school, to parents, to a younger sister. They are spunky outgoing girls and are happy to have an adult's attention for a few minutes every morning. Today, we talking about this and that when the older of the sisters brought up the subject of why girls don't play football. My son popped in quickly "girls do play football, mom played when she was a girl" The older sister went on to say that girls don't play tackle football because if she get hit in the chest with the pads on it will cause her to get breast cancer. WHAT???? I asked her where she heard that, after I picked my jaw up off the ground. She said the high school girls next door told her that. We spent the remaining time at the bus stop explaining and discussing why you couldn't get breast cancer from a blow to the chest, no matter how hard you are hit. I hope that high schoolers were teasing the young girls and that they themselves don't think that. It felt scary to me to think how uneducated these young girls may be about a womans health.

October 10, 2006


Wow, a morning post from me, this is got to be first, in my short life as a blogger. Today is the perfect fall day, weather wise. Cool (ok really cold) morning, making way for some warmer temps with partly cloudy skies. My maple tree is catching up with my quaking aspen, making for a dramatic red/yellow canopy out back. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. As a child I remember having to write a descriptive story about a perfect day and mine was about walking home from school in the fall. There are so many colors and so many smells and sounds. It is a treat for the senses.

Ok, confession time. I am working on not being a procrastinator. Yes, busy stay at home mom, volunteering at school, teaching tai chi at night, soccer volunteer/activist (yes my own term) has a slight case of procrastination. I hate having things hanging over me to do, but sometimes my internal fears keep me from just getting it over with. Most of these things have to do with phone calls. I admit, as outgoing and "suzy sunshine" as I am in person, I loathe calling people on the phone. I have no idea why. I fear that phone. Sometimes, I bounce right through them, other times I fret and worry and what are people going to think. That is probably the reason I like email so much. It takes the place of those dreaded calls to get or pass on information.

So today I made one of those dreaded phone calls, one that has been hanging over me for days. And guess what? Nothing bad happened. It was fine. With that encouragement, I am off to make some more calls.

October 07, 2006

allllll better

Oh, it was one of those perfect days, designed to make up for the not so great day(s) earlier this week. It started with an early morning soccer game. We arrived at the field in time to see the full moon set and a glowing orange sun rise, at the same time. Very cool. Sorry, hubby had camera at home. That was followed by a great played game by oldest son. A quick run back to the house to put on dry shoes, then back to the field for younger son's game. Spectacular goalie work by younger son kept his team in the match. Back to house for lunch, then sent hubby off to play golf. Yes, I willingly sent him away. He was too grouchy for my perfect day. Boys and I hit the video store for the movie RV (review, not a good movie, but very funny). Spent some time out back throwing the football to younger son. I am so glad my Dad taught me not to throw like a girl. A few things threaten to damper the evening, as older son felt not so great and wanted to pass on dinner, and younger son was so hungry, he ate 2 bowls of cereal before dinner was even made. So being in a happy mood, we went for on our own dinning this evening. Watched the movie, giggled and gulped the hysterics. Caught up on football scores. Idaho won (yippee), WSU won (yippee) Cal won (BIG yippee).

Ahhh, it was a perfect day........

October 06, 2006

Warning, do not let me operate machinery

I am having a bad day, and it’s only 10:20 AM.

I woke up with a head cold/congestion, no big deal, I can live with a froggy throat and runny nose.

I decided to do some kitchen cleaning. I was cleaning out the microwave, when younger son broke the towel drawer. I stopped cleaning and tried to fix it, but I am going to need help to do that. I stood back up and smacked the side of my nose into the corner of the open microwave door. So now I am in pain and I feel stupid. I can’t believe in the space of a week I have hit my head/face into objects that I should have known were there and avoided them.

I can’t stop the tears. I am not in THAT much pain, I think I just feel so uncoordinated and stupid.

I am having a bad day, and it’s only 10:30 AM.

October 02, 2006


I am thinking about loss today. A fellow soccer mom succumb to her illness this past Friday, on a day that should have been celebrating a birthday.
I ache for her children.
I am thankful that they had a chance to say goodbye.
I feel sorrow at the times to come for them.
I rejoice that they have a strong spiritual base.
I think about my own boys, and my own health. I mourn the loss of my health. It has deterioated as the pounds keep gaining. I feel the difference, but feel powerless to stop the weight gain. The mind knows what it needs to do to correct this trend, but the soul, self, id, is weak and unable to follow through with the plan. It may be the time to change, to take that step and fix this road that has led to poor health.

So it is time for me to start thinking about loss. The loss of pounds, which will lead to the loss of pain, which will lead to the loss of poor self esteem, which shall lead to the loss of poor health.