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August 26, 2006

hornet's nest

it just feels like it is brewing out there. I can feel the tension building, and I wonder if it is just me. You see I read in the paper today that a certain developer has cried foul with the county planning and zoning, accusing them of being racist. oh we go. Yes, North Idaho does have a past. And recently that past has involved a white supremacist group. But this is different. Yes, this developer is African-American, but that's not the issue that the county officials have with them. I had friends who were at this groups first p & z meeting and they did say that this developer stood out. What my friends mentioned the most was the attitude. The 'stand out of my way, I'm coming through' attitude. The 'we are right, you are wrong' attitude. That is what stood out the most. So after they got turned down, they end a land lease with the county sanitation that had community dump areas. But to file a lawsuit? For racism? I think they are trying to scare the planning board. I hope it doesn't work. I know that all the articles in the press never mentioned this developers race so in this case I think it is them who is making race an issue. Their vision for the property was not suited to north Idaho, so I am glad they got turned down. But for that reason only, not for race. I think it all boils down to attitude. The other big developers in the area that have been successful are that way because they are courteous and work with the board, not against it by filing lawsuits. I also worry because a former county prosecutor is taking the case. This former prosecutor has had an unstable past couple of years, with his law firms asking him to leave and with questionable personal situations.
anyway, it just feels like a hornet's nest brewing in this.....I hope it goes away.....


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